It's now very easy to hold a conference call just about anytime you want and the options you have are really great and getting better. Technology, particularly the internet has disrupted the conference call industry - a service that used to be provided by big telecom firms or specialty telecommunication equipment and service companies. Skype blew the door wide open with both voice and video conferencing and google hangouts have extended that reach, making it possible to hold conference calls with people all over the country. And the neat thing is that these services are free or close to free. However, there are limits to free video conferencing technology, primarily due to broadband capacity and other connectivity issues that make video conference calls very challenging for some.

This is even more pronounced when you want to do an international conference call across timezones. This not only presents connectivity issues but also band capacity depending on how the local telecom or cable provider in each country throttles data to their customers. As a result, when you use skype or google hangout on international conference calls, you have to turn off the video function and use the voice only function, depending on who is speaking and how clear they are. Typically, the person speaking with a bad connectivity or data capacity has to revert to voice only mode so that the others can hear the person clearly. Until this technology works as seamless as the Free Conference Call services available locally, we think it's going to be a challenge to expect a seamless experience when talking to multiple people on a call from different countries and timezones.

What is the main point of call tracking software? At first glance, hearing about any form of call tracking raises fear of the government style NSA monitoring of phone calls. But that's not what we are talking about where. Call tracking Systems are used as a marketing tool by companies to assess the effectiveness of marketing efforts from various channels - when the end result of the advertisement requires the potential customer to call a phone number.

This is how it works. Let's say you are a vacuum sales man and you placed advertisement in various channels to drive sales for your in person presentations. You placed an ad in the local paper, on Facebook and twitter, on the yellow pages, bill board and on a local transit system. If you put only one number on all the ads, how do you know which ad is working and which one is generating most of your calls? If there was a call analytics tool, will you use it?

That's where call tracking software comes in. It allows you to assign a unique phone number to each advertisement, keyword, channel, or product. That way, when people call, you are able to track and monitor what number they are calling. With that information, you can generate call tracking metrics that help you determine which ads are working and which ones are not. That way, you can shift resources to the programs that are yielding the most conversion and discontinue what you see as ineffective. The whole system therefore allows you to see what is generating the most phone calls and leads and then do more of that.

hose who want learning exactly what CrossFit is should know that it is not basic to understand CrossFit by merely checking out a few lines about it. This new type of fitness aerobic is intricate, however incredibly efficient. Hundreds of individuals go to a cross fit fitness center regularly and they are extremely happy with the results. They all share that after you join such a training course, you desire CrossFit to be part of your life from now on and you accept it as a lifestyle. In fact, CrossFit is an incredibly healthy program that teaches people about the value of having a well balanced diet plan and the value of doing a great deal of physical exercise. Awesome Crossfit Diet Plan.

Among the most essential components of a CrossFit program is the nutrition. If you start going to such classes regularly, then you can enjoy the recommendations received from experts. They will teach you ways to change your diet plan in a gradated and healthy way. Many people have particular eating practices and they entirely change them when they read about a brand-new diet that appears to have worked for a pal. They neglect the truth that the body is already made use of with a diet plan and that entirely altering it will surely cause digestion problems. At CrossFit, the Paleo nutrition is introduced bit by bit, as the body needs to get accustomed to it. Http://

The present way of life is completely various from our forefather's method of life; unfortunately for us, they were healthier and happier, so this is exactly what Paleo is trying to obtain. Cross fit health clubs urge making lifestyle changes such as diet an nutrition in order to get better general health.

After you do the intense CrossFit in Orange County or other significant city, you need a great deal of energy and you can acquire it by consuming great deals of vegetables and meat; the seeds and the nuts are also recommended, while the fruits consumed must be the ones that are reduced in sugar. Such a nutrition plan will help you balance the insulin levels, lose fat and improve the digestive system's activity. You will feel wonderful and look better, which will help you acquire the best shape you have actually ever had!

The main question we get about Shaun T's Focus T25 Workout program is how it compares to Shaun T's super successful program - Insanity. That question was put to Shaun himself and he pretty much said the two cannot be compared because they are targeted at different audiences. There some differences between the program. Insanity is a 2 month program (8 weeks) while T25 is a 10 week program. However, whereas Insanity requires you to work everyday, T25 is 5 days a week, with the weekend as a rest period. Additionally, Insanity is an hour long workout, while T25 is 25 minutes, which is how the name came about.

However, the two program are geared towards different audiences. T25 is designed as an intense program meant to generate quick results. It's for people who are busy and do not have the time for an hour workout like Insanity but want to stay in shape. In a way, it's meant to be the no excuse workout program for busy professionals. There is also the Focus T25 Diet Plan, which serves as a useful guide to help you along the way through the 10 weeks. If you need more challenge, you can try the T25 Gamma, which is the next level up and supposed to be an advanced version of the program. But if you are just starting out and want take it step by step, then you can try the basic Alpha and Beta programs, which should be enough to help you achieve the fitness dream you have. If you stick with it, you will not be disappointed.

Lipo is a surgical treatment which is done to get rid of excess fat from underneath the skin. Although lipo is not a type of weight management, it is a means to change the shape and shape of your body. There are lots of liposuction surgical treatments. Among the specialized procedures supplied at the center is laser lipo. Laser lipo removes the excess fat deposits cells from the physical body, and supplies a better contour and form to the body. Among the advantages of lipo is that the results are visible right. If properly completed; the lipo diminishes your skin and causes a fairly fantastic lesser tummy form. However, this calls for an extremely trained cosmetic surgeon. The best candidates for lipo are usually normal-weight individuals who have actually toned, supple skin who have wallets of surplus fat in some areas. You can find a liposuction surgeon in Maryland here.

Laser device helped lipo is a contemporary and dynamic tip of lipo surgical treatment In this procedure laser surges are made use of to break down and dissolve extreme fat. The current workstation is the Smartlipo Triplex that is used by reputable cosmetic surgeon in India. The procedure calls for only a small cut whereby the Smartlipo probe is placed and directed at the fat. The device uses three laser device wavelengths, 1064nm, 1320nm and 1440nm to thaw the fat. The dissolved fat is then extracted through the same opening using a suction gadget without creating pain to the patient. The laser device coagulates blood vessels to decrease bleeding and tighten up the skin. The whole plastic surgery treatment is done under local anesthesia, which ensures patient safety. Recuperation duration as well is marginal and clients could return to normal activities a couple of days after the surgical treatment.

Are you an excellent candidate for the lipo surgical procedure?

Despite the fact that virtually everyone can have liposuction, the very best prospects for this body contouring treatment are people who are normal or somewhat obese, with company, flexible skin, have wallets of excess fat in areas of their body, emotionally steady, literally healthy, and individuals with sensible assumptions. Although age is not an establishing element for this lipo cosmetic surgery, somebody whose skin is not really elastic might have the very same issues as a person with strict skin.

Recuperation from liposuction cosmetic surgery.

Lipo surgical procedure is a relatively simple procedure to recover from, mainly since there are no huge lacerations, and the surgical procedure is superficial. Lipo can be done on the neck/face, arms, chest, breasts, abdomen, back, butts, upper legs, knees, calf bones, and ankle joints. The pain and recovery time of liposuction is similar to that of a bad muscular tissue swelling received during an automobile accident. A lot of people take a week or less of recuperation before returning to work after lipo. There are no restrictions with respect to exercise and you may go back to your workout regimen as you feel comfy. There are no regulations with lifting, forcing, drawing or taking good care of youthful children; although, the majority of folks could not do strenuous home job for about 4 days. Many people are able to navigate within a week; nevertheless this also depends on the areas of liposuction. It is tougher to steer if you had lipo of the arms.

Making the selection to be fit and healthy is a choice lots of people are making today. Because there are numerous different regimens available, lots of are finding that it is tough to make a decision concerning which to make use of. Making the choice for the Coastline Physical body Ultimate reset is an option for some. P90X3 Workouts

This program assists you tone and tighten the areas that you intend to exhibit on the coastline. For women this implies the waistline, legs and arms of course. For men it normally means the waistline.

Making the option for the program will certainly also depend on the expense as well as the area where the regimen is being run. Some fitness centers and health clubs offer courses that can aid you stay inspired to complete the regimen and acquire the results that you are trying to accomplish. For many people collaborating with a partner is a fantastic way to remain inspired and on track.

Learning about the different selections that can be made will be very important for a variety of factors. First you wish to acquire the outcomes you are expecting of course. Secondly however you desire the regimen to be economical at the same time.

Agility X, X3 Yoga, Isometrix, The Warrior

When beginning any kind of sort of exercise regimen it is essential that you initially check with your medical professional to ensure you are healthy and able to do the physical exercises that will be required. By ensuring you are fit enough to begin the regimen you can stay clear of a lot of various issues.

When choosing the program, you will certainly have a particular collection of objectives in mind. This may include toning and tightening specific areas or it could be an around the physique thing you are trying to obtain. On top of that some will certainly be attempting to improve the muscular tissue mass in a particular area.

Choosing the regimen such as Physical body Beast or Beachbody Training will certainly aid you with your entire physical body. While some programs will certainly target specific regions, these regimens work the body as a whole, with particular days targeting certain regions. As you work through the program you will start to observe the toning and tightening up taking place.

Utilizing the Beach Physical body Ultimate reset can aid you get back in form if you have actually stopped working out for any kind of factor. Making the decisions that need to be created your health and fitness will certainly be very important. Factors to consider need to be produced the cost in addition to the time that will certainly be needed.

Trx health and fitness workouts are certainly a solution to tune up your whole body. It's the only remedy that uses your body weight to help you gain your desired results. It provides the variety of physical exercises whereby you can tone up your body by commixing various muscular tissue exercises baseding on your physical body requires. Trx Suspension Training is design in such a way to give perks to those which are fond of constructing muscle and lose weight. It additionally caters the necessities of those that wish to continue to be in shape and healthy. It's a complete health and fitness option for the entire physical body. As a few of the physical exercise units, like ab-king-pro or other muscle-specific units, concentrates specific muscular tissues of the physical body. This lead to the work out of a specific body part but trx fitness permits you gain strength and fitness by toning up your entire body. There are various tutorials readily available with it where you could embrace exercises either for losing weight, overall health and fitness or for the sake of gaining strength. The physical exercise extremely in vogue and fashion and it comes to be tough for getting superior results specifically in losing fats and gaining strength.

RX Lean DVD Package offers you like a bodily trainer:.

It offers a distinct mix of workouts that permits you to do several physical fitness workouts. It gives you the facility to work out the max muscular tissues that form part of the fundamental bodily health and fitness with a few easy exercises. Trx Lean DVD Package has a mix of exercises through which you could discover just how to make use of the unit in influencing your physical body.

Drop off your extra fats:.

The major problem fat individuals face at a health and fitness center is that they could not raise heavy weight to shed their weight and due to the very same factor they can not also execute workouts which do not include machines' for instance, crunches and pushups. With Trx health and fitness do the hard workouts in ease as it utilizes your weight along with the gravitational pressure for your very own fitness objectives. Physical body parts with high fats could be focused and influenced through it.

Boost your efficiency:.

As the majority of the people do their routines function either in business or at work for which they are needed to be fit enough but most of the athletes or workers from militaries have to be sturdy enough to do their job. Trx Suspension Training can be utilized for achieving energy performance with its harsh method exercises. The degree of trouble can be increased at beginner, elderly and advance level. The users can monitor their necessity of problem degree by boosting the degree time to time. It can be made use of to training school as it occupies less room. Military employees and sportsmens could carry it to training camps where they can effortlessly take it out of the bag and install it easily along with the wall or anywhere else. Athletes for example tennis players could concentrate on the muscles they have to be sturdy for the better efficiency in tennis.

Below is a summary of the P90X2 workout timetable:

X2 Core.
The core is your physical body's foundation: the point where all motion starts. By working your core using weakness, you compel your physical body to fire both its prime mover and stabilizer muscles in consistency. As you grasp this regular, all your movement designs will boost.

This combines standard eruptive motions with mind and sychronisation drills to increase not only your rate and endurance, however your entire mind/body hookup, also. Do not do this one more than as soon as every week. (Click here for a sneak peak at the les mills combat schedule)

X2 Healing + Movement.

The P90X2 Recovery + Flexibility exercise takes this an action further by not just enhancing recuperation, but additionally requiring your body to realign to advertise better total capability. This workout also offers you with a total stretching routine for those days you prefer to work without the foam roller.

X2 Complete Body.
Integrates resistance and weakness to make sure that your body utilizes the correct muscles in the given movement. Old-fashioned seclusion motions that can result in muscle inequality not invite here. In this workout you'll gain every repetition, and type is master.

X2 Yoga exercise.
Yoga exercise's typical benefits of unwinding the body and bring back the thoughts are present however will certainly take a back seat to raising isometric power, boosting your array of movement, and structure crucial stabilizer muscle toughness. This is yoga exercise, X2 design. Yoga is a fountain of youth and to us, staying youthful means staying strong and supple.

Balance + Energy.
The relocate this workout pressure core rigidity under duress by incorporating strength and explosive motions. As you enhance your physical body's connectivity in between harmony and run, your body placement will boost, unpleasant pains and discomforts will certainly lessen, and you'll have the ability to press far beyond excess you when believed you had.

Breast + Back + Equilibrium.
The same huge pump that was P90X Breast & Back now gets an included bonus, an array of unsteady systems created to make your body make its muscle. As you enhance at this workout, your toughness gains will be superior to those made with any standard weight-training workout.

X2 Shoulders + Arms.
Shoulder instability results in a variety of traumas experienced by numerous of us as we age. By keeping our shoulders and arms sturdy and in balance, we could avoid failures. Which, along with looking good in short sleeved shirts, is the philosophy behind the creation of X2 Shoulders + Arms.

P90X2 Exercise.

Base + Back.
Working the body's 2 biggest groups of muscles in one exercise might appear sadistic yet a lot of people seem to discover this pull-up and plyo pageant extremely engaging. It's the sweatiest "weight training" exercise you'll ever sustain, uh ... experience.

Post Activation Potentiation Lower.
P.A.P. represents Post-Activation Potentiation, however all you actually should know is that it is the sophisticated technique that translates into performance. 2 four-round complexes of relatively uncomplicated movements don't appear like much on paper but these workouts have actually destroyed the fittest sportsmens in the world.

Article Activation Potentiation Upper.
The same complicated training layout as P.A.P. Lower yet this time around concentrated on your upper physical body. Keep in mind when you were a kid and bounced about leaping fences and climbing plants? Post-Activation Potentiation training will revive your young people. Over time you'll feel loosened, springy, and youthful.

X2 Ab Ripper.
"I dislike it. I like it." P90X2 takes you with a collection of core motions that'll upgrade your principle of what an ab exercise is supposed to be.

P90X2 Energy Your Performance Health and fitness Guide.
This is your road map and your master plan for using P90X2. The quick guide provides guidelines for beginning and vital tips for how to take advantage of the regimen. It likewise includes detailed details about the science behind P90X2, a complete overview of the 3 training stages, an in shape examination, and an introduction of the advised supplements and equipment.

P90X2 Fuel Your Performance Nutrition Overview.
Following the P90X2 nourishment guide is just as important to your general success as any one of the harsh exercises in this program. Especially designed to operate in tandem with the P90X2 exercise routines, the guide features three consuming plans, with vegan and grain-free alternatives, which enable you to customize based on your individual necessities, plus over FIFTY dishes. P90X2 is not about quick fixes or wonder diets. It's about choosing the healthy foods that you intend to consume and figuring out the section totals that will give your body with the right amount of fuel to excel during physical exercise. Because every person's body is different, the three plans permit you to choose the harmony of meals that help you. Plan 1, Fat Shredder 2.0, is a high-protein-based diet plan made to help you reinforce your muscles while simultaneously and swiftly losing fat from your body. Plan 2, Electricity Booster 2.0, stresses a balanced mix of carbs and healthy proteins with a lower quantity of fatty tissue to achieve additional electricity for performance. And Strategy 3, Endurance Maximizer 2.0, is an athletic diet plan of complicated carbs, lean healthy proteins, and lower fat deposits, with the emphasis on additional carbohydrates. You'll need this mix of meals as fuel to obtain the most out of your final few weeks and genuinely be in the very best form of your life.

Tools to Keep You Motivated.
P90X2 90-day exercise calendar to establish your exercise objectives, track your progress, and remain encouraged. Free Online Help Tools for access to physical fitness specialists, peer assistance, and motivation.

So as you could see the P90X2 is a very comprehensive physical fitness program and much more affordable compared to a health club membership, it truly is great worth for money, you acquire 12 exercises, health and nutrition plan, health and fitness guide, Just how to Bring It Again video clip, and a calendar to track your progress.

Reducing weight while at the same time toning the muscles will certainly aid you achieve the lean toned physical body you are trying to find. Many individuals concentrate on muscle building while others focus on slimming down, however doing both alongside obtains you impressive results. Females typically have a misunderstanding that tome muscles would make them resemble a man, but this is not true in any way. Lean muscle mass burns fatty tissue a lot faster and increase your metabolic rate while weight management endows you since ideal health and health. A simple exercise strategy can assist you do both simultaneously.


Make your exercise plan such that for at least 3 days a week you do cardio physical exercise. To burn calorie, you require to do some extreme exercises. Below, the main motive is to make every component of your body job.
Weight lifting is something that you should consist of in your strategy to tone your muscular tissues. Additionally you need to do it at least 2 or 3 days a week to obtain maximum advantage. It is just one of the exercises that include in increase metabolism and aid muscle toning. A lot more lean muscle mass suggest that your body burn more calorie a lot faster as lean muscle burns calories much faster compared to fat. Below your primary intention is to burn more calories.


When working to shed weight and tone muscles, you have to work on all parts of the body, however likewise enable your muscles time to rest and expand. Being the largest muscular tissue teams of the body, you can make your abdominals work every day. You need to make job various muscle teams constantly.


From Monday, you can select cardio or an aerobic activity and after that move on to weight lifting to get quick and effective outcomes. You could relocate on to weight lifting that can last for 15-20 minutes. You can select weight lifting exercise of your selection.

The government issues a lot of prepaid debit cards. For example, benefits like Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Veterans Affairs Benefits are paid using the Direct Express Debit Card issued by Comerica Bank on behalf of the United States Department of the Treasury. Then there is the Eppicard account card, which is used in over 20 states to make unemployment and child support payments to eligible recipients. Another card is the EBT card, which is used by all the 50 states to make SNAP benefits or food stamps payment to those who need food assistance.

One thing the Eppicard, Direct Express and EBT cards all have in common is that they are all programs whose management have been outsourced by the government to private third party providers. So, for example, the Eppicard unemployment and child support program is managed by Xerox on behalf of all the states participating in the program. In addition, the EBT card program is also particularly managed by Xerox on behalf of some of the states. So, recently, when a backup at Xerox caused some computer failure (see video above), most states saw their EBT cards and perhaps some Eppicard holders unable to use their prepaid debit cards to make purchases at grocery stores and many other places and the downtime lasted almost an entire day before the systems were back up and running - causing many EBT cardholders to abandon grocery carts because their cards were not working and they had no other way to pay for the food they have purchased.

The holiday season is fast approaching and even though it is October, it is not too late to start planning for your holiday shopping. After all, before you know it, it will be Halloween, which is a very good indication that the holidays are just around the corner. Because right after Halloween passes, you are going to start hearing christmas music, even though christmas would be almost two months away. That is how eager the retailers are in ushering in the christmas season and the holiday spirit. In this post, we want to show you how you can save money by buy gift cards at a discount at Gift Card Rescue and save up to 40% of face value.

There are two reasons to buy discounted gift cards. First, if you are brand loyal and shop at a particular store all the time, it makes sense to purchase gift cards at a cheaper price so that before you even walk into the store, you already have a savings in hand. Let's say you like to shop at The Home Depot, you can buy discount Home Depot gift cards at Gift Card Rescue for 10% off and in some cases up to 15% off the fact value. That way, when you walk into the store, you already have a card that allows you to save immediately. Second, you can maximize your savings by purchasing gift cards at cheaper rates. Because you can combine that card with any store coupon or promotions, thereby even saving more. For example, let's say you purchased your Home Depot Gift Card at 10% off and wanted to buy a fridge. You walk into the store and they have a sale on home appliances at 15% off. When you combine your gift card and the store coupon, you will get a total of 25% savings. That is getting one quarter of the price of the fridge knocked off. That is great savings. Watch the video above to see how you can save more at Gift Card Exchange.

Is it possible to save money on healthcare costs? More directly, can you save money with Obamacare? That is the question we want to answer with this blog post. Obamacare or the Affordable Care Act seeks to save people money on healthcare among other things. But we want to look at the part the directly affects people's pockets, which is rising healthcare cost and the options available to individuals and families to cut cost and keep more of their hard earned money. For those individuals who are buying insurance on the open market, there is opportunity to save with the Affordable Care Act because they will now be able to buy insurance on the healthcare marketplace or exchanges. These marketplaces are set up in each state and provide individuals and families without health insurance an opportunity to buy coverage at an affordable rate. That is a major part of Obamacare.

Another benefit of the exchange is that you can compare plans side by side from several providers and then pick the plan that best suits your needs. Once you find the best plan that fits your needs, you can then sign up for the plan right there on the exchange. Open enrollment for Obamacare Marketplace health plans start in October 1, 2013 and ends March 31, 2014. Coverage for the plans going in effect as early as January 1, 2014. The story for employers is however different. How much money a business saves depends on where they fall under the Obamacare Employer Mandate. The mandate dictates the obligations and requirements that businesses have to comply with under the Affordable care act. Whether the government will enforce the mandate aggressively or not remains to be seen.

These days, every network has a reality show. Even niche channels like the History Channel, Discovery Channel all have reality shows. One of the areas that have been very difficult to tackle in the reality world is business reality shows. The Apprentice is perhaps the only business reality show that has stood the test of time. And even there, the Celebrity Apprentice is the only part of that franchise that has survived till today. One business reality show that is defying the odds is ABC's Shark Tank show. There are several reasons for that. First, the show is entertaining. Any business show, no matter how good it is has to be entertaining to the audience - otherwise, people will tune out. But shark tank is riveting and nail biting - which is a combination of smart editing and a good knack for picking interesting businesses and idea for the show.

In addition, shark tank success stories abound. The show usually has a segment that gives an update on how companies featured on previous episodes/seasons are doing. And there are plenty of businesses that have been transformed by appearing on the show. That is something the audience appreciates and can relate to. There is nothing more interesting than watching a business with a great idea get the big break and become an overnight success. Another factor helping ABC's Shark Tank show is how cut throat the investors can be. Some businesses that appear on the show are bad ideas - but some owners never want to admit reality and move on. The investors (the sharks) are very good at giving entrepreneurs a good dose of reality. That adds to the credibility of the show. Business is hard, and there is no need leading people on when you know very well their business or idea is not going anywhere.

One of the most often asked questions from those receiving government benefits is whether to select the direct express card option or get their benefit payment direct deposited into their bank checking or savings account. If you are not sure why this question is important, here is some background. The US Treasury Department, which is in charge of sending benefit checks to eligible recipients (like Social Security and Veterans Affairs Benefits) made a rule recently that required all federal benefit payments to be sent via electronic payments starting in March 2013. This was done for obvious reasons - to save money on postage and mailing and reduce the incidence of checks being lost in the mail.

"Direct Express Debit Card"

As a benefits recipient, you have two options to comply with this directive. You can either select to have your payments deposited into a Direct Express Debit Card account  - or you can have your payment sent via direct deposited into your checking or savings account with your local bank or credit union. If you are receiving check payments and do not select an option, you will automatically be enrolled in the direct express program and your payment will be sent to a direct express credit card which you must then sign up for an account to be able to get your money. Therefore, if you do not want the government choosing how you should receive your benefits check, then you have to select one of the two options provided. The Direct Express program is very well run by Comerica bank with less fees and great customer service.

The reloadable prepaid debit card space is getting very crowded. The leading brands so far have been Green Dot, Netspend, RushCard, Walmart MoneyCard, Vanilla Visa and the Simon Prepaid Card. However, there is a new entrant into the market that is likely to change the dynamics of the industry going forward, especially in relations to prepaid debit card fees and charges. The new card is the Walmart Bluebird Card, which is issued by American Express in partnership with Walmart. The card has many qualities that sets it apart from the competition. We would like to mention two of them.

The first is the Bluebird Card support. It is very easy to get help for your card and the Bluebird card customer service number is prominently on the back of the card and American Express has gone out of their way to make it easy for all their cardholders to communicate with them, both online and via phone. There is even a robust social media platform that integrates seamlessly with your account, as the attached video below shows:

With this level of customer support, it is no surprise that the Bluebird card is now one of the most favorite prepaid cards on the market - because it is backed by two solid brands - AMEX and Walmart.

The other feature we like most about this card is the list of free services that come with it. Prepaid debit cards are notorious for charging crazy fees, even on simple things like balance check, contacting customer service, or getting a copy of your statement. But the Bluebird card is different. First, activation is free if you sign up for the card online, which makes it accessible to many people. Second, there is no monthly or maintainance fee and you don't have to maintain a mininum balance on the card. With all these free feature, we are rating this card one of the best on the market.

Why are prepaid debit cards issued by the U.S federal government or States the target of increasing internet fraud and scams? For example, when you go to the Eppicard website, you are hit with alarming warnings about Phishing. Similarly, like the Eppicard, the Direct Express card is a target. The federal government issues the direct express card to pay federal benefits to recipients like Social Security and Veterans Affairs benefits. The card is issued by Comerica bank under license with MasterCard. The Direct Express Debit card is the other option available to receive federal benefits if you are not doing direct deposit into your checking or savings account. However, in recent months, a lot of scammers have targeted direct express card holders with Phishing emails.

Part of the reason is that the scammers know that a large majority of those using the direct express debit MasterCard are seniors and may not be technology savvy. As a result, they are more likely to become alarmed by Phishing emails that claim that their Direct Express account is blocked and that they have to take immediate action to unblock the account. Comerica bank seems to be aware and concerned about this fraudulent activity and are taking action through the Direct Express Website - warming cardholders to be careful and protect their account information. The question is whether this information is getting to the intended target. You should contact the Direct Express customer service if you get a suspicious text or email asking you to provide your card or account information.