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American Express Bluebird Card Review

The reloadable prepaid debit card space is getting very crowded. The leading brands so far have been Green Dot, Netspend, RushCard, Walmart MoneyCard, Vanilla Visa and the Simon Prepaid Card. However, there is a new entrant into the market that is likely to change the dynamics of the industry going forward, especially in relations to […]

Direct Express Card vs Direct Deposit

One of the most often asked questions from those receiving government benefits is whether to select the direct express card option or get their benefit payment direct deposited into their bank checking or savings account. If you are not sure why this question is important, here is some background. The US Treasury Department, which is in […]

Government Debit Cards and Fraud

Why are prepaid debit cards issued by the U.S federal government or States the target of increasing internet fraud and scams? For example, when you go to the Eppicard website, you are hit with alarming warnings about Phishing. Similarly, like the Eppicard, the Direct Express card is a target. The federal government issues the direct express card […]