Debit Cards

"prepaid debit"

Debit cards can be very beneficial to the user; not only do they provide a convenient and safe way to keep your cash in a bank account but now many debit cards offer rewards for spending. Debit Cards differ from credit cards by taking money directly out of your personal checking accounts opposed to spending money you might not actually have with a credit card. When you make a purchase with a debit card the money is directly withdrawn from your account after you enter you security PIN and accept the charges. A debit card can be used to pay bills, retail shopping, online purchases, and to withdrawal cash. This form of payment is great for those who can obtain and keep a checking account because there are less fees than a prepaid debit card would have; plus, more rewards.

Types of rewards programs banks offer include:

  • Cash Back
  • Savings Program
  • Points for Prizes

Finding the best debit card for you depends on many different factors including age, checking account balance, needs, and location. Check out different banks in your area to find the best fit for you.

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